We are committed to offering the best Aftercare support in today’s apparel decoration industry. Our comprehensive machine warranties and service contracts are designed to give peace of mind.

We aim to ensure all our customers feel comfortable and competent with their new equipment from installation and extensive overview of equipment through to a full product training programme. Our highly trained technical team have extensive industry knowledge and are available to assist our customers every step of the way.

Included in your purchase:

  • Comprehensive peace of mind warranty
  • Full-install and product training

Options included alongside all equipment purchases, choose from:    

  1. Delivery only
  2. Delivery and installation or
  3. Delivery, installation, and full product training

Training options are included, choose from:

  1. Onsite training on your equipment with our installation technician
  2. 1-2-1 with one of our technicians in our fully equipped showroom
  3. F-2-F online web-based training (view demo’s live chat from our showrooms)

Timelines for all training and equipment demonstrations are dependent on options chosen. Our in-Depth training and demonstrations usually to take up to 2 days! How hands on is up to you !

We ensure that all our customers have access to fully supported programmes on request

  • After-sales support come’s free with purchase of all new equipment including software packagers
  • Help Desk and Technical Support Services for the entire duration of new equipment
  • Real-Time telephone and online support including email, chat, or live chat handling machine issues
  • Automated Support Resources – easily-accessible online solutions, post questions, or search for answers, watch Bite-Sized Videos instantly

Because you rely on your equipment on-a-daily basis and its performance is vital to your business, we offer additional Warranties and Special Services, and other useful programmes:

  • You may also purchase a more comprehensive Service Plans, this includes handling repairs, regular mini check-ups, and full-service maintenance programme, including video health check with every visit.
  • Advanced product training seminars and workshops are available request. (product specific)