Power Up Your Business with SWF Embroidery Machines from YES Group

SWF have been developing and manufacturing sewing and embroidery machines since 1974. Built to exacting standards, the machines are recognised world-wide for their quality and overall reliability. The hardware, software and firmware used in SWF machines is the result of painstaking research and development.

So, what does your Embroidery business need?

  • An increase of your production? No problem at all: the SWF KS Series, with its high-speed colour changing and servo design system, can earn you 20 to 30 per cent more than any other brand.
  • A fully integrated production system? No problem: SWF modular machines come with wi-fi networking.
  • You want to do more with less, increase the flexibility of your workshop and improve profitability? This is easily sorted with the unique SWF dual-function machines: these are the only machines that can embroider two different patterns and/or designs at the same time, making them unique and the most productive machines currently available.

And it gets better …

With the SWF ES and KS Series, you get the amazing Free Hand Design and Photo Stitch options for free. These “little” perks offer the possibility to either draw your own design, using the tip of any pen  directly onto the touch screen (with the Hand Stitch option), or to upload any image onto a USB stick and into the machine’s software, and convert it into a stitch design (with the Photo Stitch option).

It really is as simple as that!  Discover SWF  https://swfembroiderymachine.com/

So, you need to know more?  Why not book a free demonstration on a range of SWF Embroidery Machines at YES Group facilities in Nottingham.

Contact YES team on 01623 863343, or visit the website at www.yesltd.co.uk, or email us at hello@yesltd.co.uk.

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